Sparrow Lake

Sparrow Lake In Port Stanton Is A Perfect Getaway Location

The popular resort community of Port Stanton is located along the sprawling shores of Sparrow Lake, in a beautiful section of Ontario, Canada. This well-liked vacation spot is frequented by people who live in Toronto, and visited by tourists from the United States and abroad. Sparrow Lake is a part of the Trent Severn Waterway that provides various regional locks that allow boating access all of the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Port Stanton is a popular vacation location:

In Port Stanton, the Bayview Wildwood Resort includes three different resort centers that cater to a wide variety of people. These enchanting shore-side resorts offer high-quality lodging and accommodations that include access to recreational equipment that can make your vacation trip very exciting. At these locations, the summertime fishing boats or the wintertime snowmobile options can help you to have an excellent vacation experience.

The Bayview Resort features an outstanding indoor fitness center, business conference facilities, and every type of luxury that travelers have grown to expect from their top-rate resort accommodations. There is an on-site restaurant, spa and pool options, and nicely decorated lodgings that feature all modern conveniences. The Port Stanton Bayview Resorts are the largest employer in the Severn Township area.

When visitors to Sparrow Lake fall in love with our local natural beauty and friendly small-town community, they often choose to explore the time-share options that are available at The Cottages I, or The Cottages II that are nearby to the Bayview Wildwood Resort. Cottage owners receive full Bayview Resort access while often being able to save money through the functional ownership plans that are available at user-friendly prices.

The community of Port Stanton hosts year-round visitors to our pretty lakeside areas. People enjoy hiking or cross-country skiing through the woods, using our lake facilities, the family-oriented events, and our friendly small town demeanor. Lake Sparrow has been a popular vacation spot for over 100 years. Our area is full of history, modern conveniences, and smiles around every turn. This location is the perfect place for fishing trips, family vacations, business conferences, and all types of special group gatherings.

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